Could Complaints against InMotion be True? seems to be awash with rumors that its customers are no longer satisfied and happy with its web hosting services. Supposedly, these customers are complaining that InMotion’s technical staff does not really have the technical know-how to solve their web hosting problems, that InMotion’s support service is weak and that they were left hanging as soon as they purchased InMotion’s web hosting package. But, could there be some truth in it?

On the other side of the fence, however, online praises and commendations abound for InMotion’s web hosting service. In contrast with the above, these cannot possibly be mere rumors considering that these come from their actual customers and users, who are eager to identify themselves as such and share their satisfying web hosting experience with InMotion. They readily acclaim and approve of InMotion’s web hosting service as reliable and effective, as well as thank their assisting staff for a job well done.

So let’s not believe right away these ugly rumors against InMotion. Check out first the solid facts. Note that InMotion has been continuously receiving these various awards from web hosting stakeholders:

  • Rated A+ member of the Better Business Bureau
  • 3 out of 3 Stars by CNET as a Certified Service Provider since 2003
  • 2012 Best Dedicated Host Award by Best Web Host Search
  • 2012 Best Dedicated Host Award by
  • 2012 Best Business Host Award by
  • 2012 Best Business Hosting Award by
  • 2012 Best Business Host Award by
  • 2012 Best Web Host Award by
  • 2013 Best Business Hosting Award by

Shouldn’t these awards speak for themselves? Contrary to rumors, these could only mean that InMotion is giving the best web hosting service in the market. It started its business way back 2001. Surely, it would not have lasted this long if its customers are complaining!

Note again that, per reviewed by, these hate mails of supposedly complaining InMotion customers are less than 5 out of 300,000++ emails on InMotion web hosting. It’s quite a negligible number as compared to hundreds of ‘thank yous’ for InMotion’s quality service.

If these complaining customers do exist, then InMotion’s superb Support Center would have taken care of it. You can keep in touch with them 24/7, not just by email, but also through live chat and by phone. For any of your web hosting concerns, you can also try their educational channels homepage, community support homepage, domain name support, website tutorials and email tutorials.

Because of its good service through the years, InMotion has developed a fan base among its loyal customers, who experienced for themselves InMotion’s reliable, fast and reasonably-priced web hosting service. They wouldn’t have stayed if this is not true, right?

You just can’t put down InMotion’s good reputation. Its web hosting service is based on Linux and Unix operating systems, which is supervised and monitored 24/7 so that its customers and users can optimize and maximize its use. They seem to be outdoing their competitors in pleasing their customers.

To raise the competition level higher, InMotion has even developed an unbeatable Max Speed Zone system, wherein you can choose the data center location nearest to you for a faster and economical web hosting experience. They also have Exclusive Max Speed Zones. With this, you are guaranteed a faster connection, which will make your emails and websites run up to 6 times faster than the usual.

Usually, web hosting companies will just maintain one data center location so that they can save on their operating expenses. But for InMotion, it seems that they really value customer satisfaction by giving them the best options rather than save on cost.

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